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What is PTSD?

Anyone can experience symptoms of PTSD, including those who have been exposed to domestic violence, assault and abuse. When your sense of safety and trust are shattered by a traumatic event, it’s normal for the mind and body to be in shock. It’s common to have bad dreams, feel fearful, and find it difficult to stop thinking about what happened.

For most people, these symptoms gradually lift over time. But this normal response to trauma becomes PTSD when the symptoms don’t ease up and your nervous system gets “stuck” and fails to recover its equilibrium. (from )

ACT Counselling offers to help you recover from PTSD using the latest evidence based techniques endorsed by leading Health Services worldwide. We will work with you to accomplish reduced distress, better relationships, improved health as well as  increased mental and emotional well-being. Call us today.

PTSD and Veterans

Images of PTSD in Veterans

Veterans often have multiple unresolved issues including trauma, bereavement, PTSD, homelessness, addictions, anger, isolation, loss of routine, sleeplessness, flashbacks, depression, stress, family breakdown to name but a few. 

No-one can guarantee a quick fix but ACT Counselling can guarantee a patient and systematic approach in helping you find a therapy that works for you.


During Lynn's time as a Senior Mental Health Practitioner employed by the UK NHS Counselling for Veterans was prioritised and structured interventions were delivered to those who needed it most.

She has also worked/trained with  SSAFA and Military Mental Health CIC. In 2012 she secured free Counselling for Veterans in her local area. You will be able to find out more on the About page.