ACT Counselling

Patterson Lakes and surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide counselling for couples or children?
At the moment counselling is offered to couples, families and individuals over the age of 16 years old.
Could you provide counselling at my house?
 Counselling is only carried out at ACT Counselling premises which are secure, safe and completely private.
How many sessions can I have?
You may have as many or as few sessions as you would find helpful. Sometimes even one session can be really useful. Reviews are carried out regularly to ensure that you are still getting what you need out of therapy.
 What happens during the assessment?
The assessments are carried out by a trained and experienced assessor. You will be asked questions about your personal situation and we will listen to what your goals and aims of therapy are. The assessment should take about an hour and after this we will make some recommendations. If ACT Counselling is not the most appropriate service for your needs we will work with you to make sure you find one that is.
 Will you tell anyone I am having counselling?
No we won't disclose your attendance at counselling or the content of the sessions unless required to do so by law or professional guidelines. Unless there is a risk to you or someone else then there is no reason to tell anyone that you are attending counselling. If others call to find out we do not confirm or deny your attendance at ACT Counselling. It is our belief that every client has the right to confidentiality and to attend a service without others knowing.
Can I refer myself?
 Yes you can get in touch without a referral, although we may recommend that you seek a referral in some instances so we can work with you safely.
How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
Our aim is to answer all enquiries within 24 hours and arrange an appointment for you to see us within 5 working days.
What sort of counselling is it?
 Act Counselling can offer person centred counselling, CBT, NLP, ITEP Mapping, Bereavement Counselling, Specialist Rape and Sexual Assault Counselling, and Coaching.
Do I have to live in City of Kingston or City of Frankston to have counselling at ACT Counselling?
It doesn't matter where you live. ACT Counselling will be vey happy to provide counselling. However do bear in mind the cost and the time commitment of travelling if you decide you would like to have counselling with us.  
Is there disabled access?
We do have limited disabled access.