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How to control anger

how to control anger

You may feel you can do little to control your anger - but there are things that you can do to make a difference.

Whilst anger is a normal emotion expressing it in a violent, aggressive or inappropriate way can lead to all sorts of issues.

ACT Counselling aims to help you learn how to control anger with anger management tips and techniques. We can help you quickly see improvements and get the results you want as you begin to understand and deal with your anger in practical ways.

Anger Management Programme

Following an assessment, we will devise a programme to help you to accomplish your specific goals (normally 4 X 50 minute sessions). At the end of this you would have addressed:

Understanding anger and its causes

What is anger?

What causes anger?

How to control anger

Angry thoughts

Controlling the physical symptoms

Controlling angry behaviour

Problem solving


Long term beliefs

Please ask if you need a certificate of attendance or follow up counselling after completing the programme.